Injection Molding

moldWe have a full line of injection molding machines ranging from an 85 ton press all the way up to a 390 ton press. Our processing capabilities include hot runner systems, core pulls and systems automated to keep your costs down as your volume goes up. We are well qualified to handle mass quantity of parts and also have capabilities in hot stamping, assembly and packaging of your product to provide you with less hands on and dock to dock complete service.


Color matching for your specific needs or providing an assortment of different colors for your product to maximize your potential in the market is provided for you here at Design-Tek. We specifically match the color for the material we are running to provide you with your particular needs.

We take pride in making sure your product is optimal for your application and we will work with you to get the correct materials at a cost effective price. Whether you are doing 10,000 parts or 1,000,000 we do our best to serve our customers with efficiency of time and speed to market.

Getting the finished product to you exactly when and where you need it is a priority to us. Our logistics and scheduling injection molding system can handle your most demanding delivery needs. Whether your delivery is based on production, marketing, just-in-time or zero-inventory schedules, we make it happen. We will package by a specific count as needed. Our commitment doesn’t end until your finished parts are on your loading dock.


Get Ready To Manufacture

1: Have your concept ready


The better you can communicate your concept to us, the more capable we will be of manufacturing it. We work best with concepts that have been drawn by professionals.


2: Know what to expect


If your design requires certain elements the price of your mold will go up substantially. And some designs simply aren’t manufacturable. We will work with you to make your design affordable and manufacturable.

injection Molding

3: Steel vs Aluminum


Aluminum is easy to manufacture but produces fewer injection molded parts, ranging from 300,000 – 500,000 parts before a new mold is required. Steel is more expensive to manufacture but yields over 1 Million parts per mold.


Start Manufacturing!

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