Blow Molding Utah

Learning about Blow Molding in Utah

In this article we will cover:
The purpose of blow molding,
How blow molding works, and
Design-Tek’s blow molding in Utah.

The purpose of blow molding

When creating a plastic product you have many manufacturing options. You have to choose materials, types of molding, colors, sizes, shapes, and your possible profit compared to cost. With so much to think about, you also have to make the best informed decisions for your company and your product.

One quality option for your product is blow molding. Blow molding is often used to create plastic bottles and is usually appropriate for bottles, jugs, or other hollow products. These bottles can give you the flexibility you need of shape, size, color, and type of plastic.

Blow molding can be performed relatively quickly allowing you to get your products when you want them. The bottles are perfect for holding liquids, gels, and other substances that may need to be sold on a large scale, and can be engineered for better compression, flexibility, and travel. With that in mind, you can relax knowing your products are in good hands.

How blow molding works

Before you can start blow molding, a mold has to be made. The mold is usually made from aluminum or steel by a molding machine that takes specific measurements from the product’s design that have been input into computer design software. When the molding machine has created the mold, it can be connected to the blow molding machine.

When the mold is ready and in place, a parison (plastic piece similar to the shape of a test tube with a hole in one end) is fitted into the mold. The same process can be used on a hollow tube that is pinched between the ends of the mold as it closes. Pressurized air is slowly pumped into the hole of the parison or tube to make it expand into the shape of the mold. The air pushes the parison completely against the sides of the mold which removes any irregularities in the shape of the plastic. The plastic is allowed to cool and then is removed from the mold so that the next parison can be fitted and formed into another bottle.

At Design-Tek in Utah, bottles made by blow molding are immediately inspected to make sure your products are produced quickly and efficiently while achieving a quality product.

Design-Tek’s blow molding in Utah

If you are looking to make your product in Utah, Design-Tek is consistently one of the most cost conscious and experienced companies for blow molding in Utah, or anywhere in the country. Design-Tek has designers, molding machines, injection molding machines, and blow molding machines on site operated by those who are dedicated to creating the best possible products for you and your company. And with years of experience with blow molding machines, Design-Tek can help answer your blow molding questions.
Design-Tek offers blow molding machines that can produce a gallon round industrial bottle, an 8 oz. imperial round bottle, and a 21 oz. imperial round bottle. These bottles can be manufactured in natural, white, or brown colors.
At Design-Tek, our molds are made from QC7 mold aluminum, pre-hardened 4140 mold steel, tool steels S7, A2, D2, or aluminum copper. We know that our molds have to be perfect to create a perfect product for you. We also provide an affordable, quality experience completely operated in the United States of America because we know your products are important to you. We are honored to have blow molding machines in Utah that operate at a competitive price even in the international market.

The process of finding the manufacturing process for your product can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. But at Design-Tek, we have the expertise and materials to help you manufacture your products. If you are looking for blow molding in Utah, consider Design-Tek your friend in the molding business.

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